Allergies: Smart management of medications

People suffering from allergies are familiar with this problem: When the immune system encounters an allergen, the body reacts hyper-sensitively. Depending on the allergy, medication is often the only way to get the allergic reaction under control. However, to be effective, medication must be taken on a regular basis. The TOM app provides daily reminders on the smartphone to help combat forgetfulness. 

More than 60 million people in Europe have an allergic reaction to specific allergens. What exactly happens in the body when an allergy occurs? In an allergic reaction, the messenger substance histamine is released, which causes an inflammatory response in the body. This response leads to itchy eyes, sneezing, skin rash, swelling, breathing difficulties, or gastrointestinal problems. Allergy symptoms are manifold and create stress in the body. In the long run, tissue damage can occur, which in turn promotes allergy progression. So, perhaps harmless hay fever can turn into allergic asthma if left untreated. Therefore, allergies should not be underestimated


What types of allergies are there?

Should you suspect an allergy, please consult a doctor or allergy specialist. Based on a diagnosis, specific allergies could be identified or ruled out. Prior to any treatment, your doctor should test you for allergies to determine which allergens are responsible for your symptoms. Some people are allergic to pollen, others to house dust or animal hair. Allergy types can be classified as follows:

  • -Inhalant allergens. These include animal hair allergy, pollen allergy, or house dust mite
  • -Contact allergens in the sense of skin allergy.
  • -Injection and ingestion of allergens. These include wasp allergy and food allergy.

Allergy treatment: tablets and other treatments.

The best thing is to avoid the allergen. But unfortunately, this is not always possible. Therefore, you should consider a medical treatment of allergies using anti-allergic drugs (antihistamines) to avoid secondary diseases. Especially in the case of acute allergy symptoms, medication is the right choice. Due to the active substances, allergic reactions are thus weakened or prevented. We differentiate between two types of allergy medication:

  • -Locally acting medications such as nasal sprays or eye drops
  • -Systemically effective medications such as allergy pills

Manage your allergy: with the smart TOM app.

You can effortlessly manage the intake of your allergy medication with the TOM app. Especially when the intake time or even the form of medication changes, the reminder function of the TOM app ensures a constant overview. Are your allergy tablets or allergy nasal spray running low? Once again, the TOM app offers a solution: simply set your medication stock at the beginning. The health app will remind you at a certain time to repurchase the medication. Download the TOM app now and manage your allergy smartly!