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Discover potential savings with Medi-Check

Use TOM Medications to find out what your hidden costs are with respect to unnecessary or incorrect policyholder medication and how you can take action to counter this.

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Two blisters with a plus sign represent dual medication.

Avoid double medication

Unnecessary double medication results in considerable additional costs for you as a health insurance company every year. We help you to identify and avoid this.

Two medicines with red arrows, one pointing to the other medicine, and a red exclamation mark in the middle.

Prevent medication interactions

We determine medication interactions for your health insurance company’s customers based on anonymous user statistics. This avoids consequential damages and additional costs caused by medication issues.

A piggy bank into which pieces of money fall.

Recognise potential savings

We explain your potential savings when it comes to your customers’ medication. We determine the costs and the health risk for your policyholders both as a percentage and in monetary terms. Our video explains how this works.

Health insurance company cost check

We explain what the cost check is in this video.

How does the cost check work?

"100 x" next to Medicheck vouchers with a QR code

Share vouchers

In the pilot trial, we give you 100 voucher codes to run a free check on your policyholders’ medication. The codes can be easily sent to your customers by email, for example.

A TOM app user completes a Medicheck in the TOM app. On the left a questionnaire form, on the right a statistic representing the evaluation of the Medicheck.

Customer Medi-Check

Customers anonymously install the TOM app for free (iOS and Android) and enter the code in TOM to get a Medi-Check that’s also free. Our verified partner pharmacies quickly and discreetly send them a report directly in the TOM app
(100% anonymously and as a PDF).

Statistical illustration showing the evaluation of the TOM medicine check


TOM then evaluates the 100 anonymous Medi-Checks for this group and provides the health insurance company with the resulting risk distribution for double medication and interactions
, as well as potential cost savings based on the pharmacy’s sales prices.

Help your customers to live in a healthier way and avoid issues with medication. Identify your hidden costs with TOM Medications now and improve policyholder loyalty to your health insurance company.

Benefits of a cost check

For you as a health insurance company

Illustrations of users without a face with a percentage sign

Anonymous and efficient analysis of customer risk distribution

Gain an overview of your customers with dual medication without violating their privacy. You can develop clear strategies through these statistics and your customers remain completely anonymous.

Two medicine strips and a piggy bank into which coins are thrown

Potential cost savings by identifying double medication

Gain an insight into costs unnecessarily caused by incorrect medication and determine strategies for educational campaigns and customer programmes, for example.

Illustration: On the left a magnifying glass with an anonymous head over which an exclamation mark hovers - on the right an ambulance with luminous sirens

Identify risk groups that have life-threatening interactions

Our app regularly saves lives through Medi-Check, as life-threatening class I interactions can be identified before the patient is hospitalised or suffers permanent damage.

For your customers

On the left a Tom user, in the middle medication with a green tick, on the right a pile of money.

The free, anonymous Medi-Check

Help your polymedication customers to ensure that problematic indications are identified. And for your customers, it’s 100% anonymous, convenient and remote, from the comfort of their own homes.

Different medicines with a checklist

Customers receive an in-depth evaluation of their medication.

The added value for your customers to have their medication checked by a professional cannot be overestimated. The certainty of knowing they are being treated properly while potentially not needing to take as much medication is huge – preventing incorrect medication can save lives.

Medicines that are in two groups. The left group is crossed out with a bar

In many cases, identifying issues with medication leads to a reduction in the medication required.

We reviewed how our anonymous users reacted to the Medi-Check information provided and found that 67% of TOM users changed their medication and reduced the amount of medication they took within a few weeks of receiving their Medi-Check results.

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We usually respond within one working day – personal, free and no-obligation advice on a pilot trial for your health insurance company.

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