Medication Check

Simple, convenient and anonymous check from home.

Carried out by a Swiss pharmacy in collaboration with


With a medication check, within two working days you receive information about:

 – Indications

 – Interactions

 – Duplicate medication

 – Directions for use

 – Allergy information

Now for an introductory price of just:

CHF 19.00

*Up to 6 medications checked anonymously by TopPharm Apotheke Witikon. Currently available only in Switzerland.

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TopPharm Apotheke Witikon Zurich offers these services exclusively through the TOM health app.


As a medication specialist, TopPharm Apotheke Witikon offers a huge variety of professional consultations and health checks.

Please note: The Medi-Check is not intended to replace a personal consultation with a doctor or pharmacist.

Here’s how it works

TOM makes your day easier. The features of this practical app reliably support your everyday medication management.


Choose medications

Choose up to 6 medications for the Medi-Check by the pharmacy.


Indicate your allergies

The Medi-Check will take any medication, food or other allergies into account.

Medicine cabinet

Medi-Check results

The result of the Medi-Check is available directly in the TOM app as a report and can be easily forwarded or printed out for a consultation with your doctor. 

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Medi Check

Get your Medi-Check now

Using the free TOM app – download now for Apple and Android.

The free app for iOS and Android focuses on easy medication management for anyone who has to take medication every day.
The TOM app is free, ad-free and can be used completely anonymously as no personal data is entered into the app. Give it a try.

The TOM Medication Check for interactions and indications

In the case of chronic or serious illnesses, doctors or pharmacists often prescribe many different medications. The Medication Check from TOM Medications, a service in cooperation with TopPharm Apotheke Witikon Zürich, provides answers to important questions about prescribed medications.


The drug interaction check is one of the most important functions. Possible interactions of your prescribed medications are detected in this check. In addition, information on optimal dosage, taking the medication in conjunction with allergies and possible side effects of the medication are displayed. If many similar medications are prescribed, TOM's Medi-Check can help you avoid duplicate medications.


The result of the medication check can then be discussed with your doctor or pharmacist during a consultation.


The TOM app covers all this needs - test it now and let it support you in your daily medication management.