TOM represents a vision

TOM is a solution for simplification of medication management.

By making medication management easier, TOM brings freedom and saves precious time. 

That means millions of people get more out of their lives every day.

TOM’s vision is to bring this gift to everyone worldwide.

The TOM family

TOM came about thanks to the invaluable support of many individuals, all of whom make an important contribution in pursuit of a mutual goal: to make TOM better - every day.


The TOM family goes beyond the founder and employee at Innovation 6 AG. It also includes numerous fantastic partnerships, collaborations and long-standing friendships. It is a strong network of experts from all over the world who work with and for TOM. From home, at the office or on the go. 

Highly agile, professional and trustworthy: that’s the TOM family.

<noscript><img src='' alt=Sven Beichler" />
Sven Beichler Founder of TOM
CEO and Chairman of the Board Innovation 6 AG
<noscript><img src='' alt=Viktor Calabrò" />
Viktor Calabrò Member of the Board of Directors
Entrepreneur, lecturer, innovator, speaker
<noscript><img src='' alt=Christof Gerber" />
Christof Gerber Member of the Board of Directors
Member of the Management Board Sanitas Health Insurance
<noscript><img src='' alt=Markus Mahler" />
Markus Mahler Advisory Board
Board (former CEO) BRACK.CH AG
<noscript><img src='' alt=Alfred Angerer" />
Alfred Angerer Advisory Board
Professor ZHAW for Health Care Management
<noscript><img src='' alt=Dragan Grabulovski" />
Dragan Grabulovski Advisory Board
Biotech consultant and serial entrepreneur
<noscript><img src='' alt=Christof Zogg" />
Christof Zogg Advisory Board
CEO Starticket, (former Director Digital Business SBB)
<noscript><img src='' alt=Matthias Baumann" />
Matthias Baumann Advisory Board
Former Managing Director Switzerland & Member of the Group Management Zur Rose Group
<noscript><img src='' alt=Urs Stromer" />
Urs Stromer Advisory Board
Former president of the IG eHealth Association, digital Health Consultant and Advisor
<noscript><img src='' alt=Patrick Kastner" />
Patrick Kastner CEO bitsfabrik GmbH
<noscript><img src='' alt=Andreas Mutsch-Regner" />
Andreas Mutsch-Regner CTO bitsfabrik GmbH
<noscript><img src='' alt=Martin" />
Martin Lead Backend Developer
bitsfabrik GmbH
<noscript><img src='' alt=Dominik" />
Dominik Lead iOS Developer
bitsfabrik GmbH
<noscript><img src='' alt=Manuel" />
Manuel Lead Android Developer
bitsfabrik GmbH
<noscript><img src='' alt=Peter" />
Peter Web Development
<noscript><img src='' alt=Christian" />
Christian Project Management bitsfabrik GmbH
bitsfabrik GmbH - Austria
<noscript><img src='' alt=Sebastian Schöndorfer" />
Sebastian Schöndorfer Lead UX/UI Designer
<noscript><img src='' alt=Marcus Waters" />
Marcus Waters Head of Marketing
AppLift GmbH
<noscript><img src='' alt=Margareta Marza" />
Margareta Marza Senior Digital Marketing Manager
AppLift GmbH
<noscript><img src='' alt=Mario Meijide" />
Mario Meijide Team Lead, Marketing Project Management
AppLift GmbH
<noscript><img src='' alt=Maxime Favreau" />
Maxime Favreau Digital Marketing Project Manager
AppLift GmbH
<noscript><img src='' alt=Fabian Dieziger" />
Fabian Dieziger Managing Partner Supertext AG
Supertext – Textagentur und Übersetzungsbüro
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