TOM Medications | Support in daily medication management

There are many chronic diseases affecting the lives of millions of people around the world every day. Not only the management of the disease itself, but often comprehensive treatment plans and daily medication become a burden for those affected.

The medication app for easy and concise handling of medications

With TOM Medications you get a wide range of functions in one app:

  • TOM Medications reminds you to take your medication on time and also shows you the correct dosage instructions for your medication on a daily basis
  • In a virtual medicine cabinet, you can see your tablets at a glance with TOM It allows you to add and remove all your medicines in a simple and orderly way - according to your individual and current therapy plan.
  • With the practical medication replenishment function, you can reorder your medication directly with TOM Medications via the tablet app and thus adhere to your therapy plans without interruption.
  • In cooperation with a Swiss pharmacy, the Medi Check by TOM Medications offers you the possibility to analyse interactions of different medications. Within 2 days, you will receive further information about all your medications and their interactions.

Medication Management App for People with Hypertension

The condition can have serious consequences for people with high blood pressure, especially without adequate treatment. TOM Medications' Medication Manager helps those with the condition to consistently take their important blood pressure tablets on time. The TOM App also offers another helpful feature for hypertension patients: In addition to the medication, many different measurements can be documented in the app. This means that patients can enter their blood pressure measurement results every day and present them at their next doctor's visit. Graphical statistics of the measurements also illustrate your measurement results over the course of time.

Diabetes: Simplified adherence to treatment with TOM Medications

People with diabetes can also benefit from the TOM Medication App. Beside an appropriate diet, the correct intake of medication is indispensable for diabetes patients. You will be reminded daily to take your medication by the TOM Medication App's tablet reminder. If your therapy plan includes different medicines, you can add them transparently in the virtual medicine cabinet in order to keep track at all times.

Furthermore, you can print or send a monthly health report directly from the TOM tablets app to your doctor or yourself.

Download the TOM app now and manage chronic diseases safely!