TOM Medications receives award from Healthcare Insights

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The 10 most recommended digital health solution providers from Europe 2021

TOM Medications did it again and was rewarded with a great award from The Healthcare Insights! We have achieved a place among the « 10 most recommended digital health solution providers from Europe in 2021 » with our TOM app. The Healthcare Insights magazine is a comprehensive guide to all things healthcare. In the course of this TOM Medications also received a certificate recognizing our contributions to the healthcare industry.


In addition to receiving the award, we also made it onto the cover of the July issue of the magazine. On four pages, we report on the various functions of our app, among other things:

  • Therapy recording
  • Reminders to take medications consistently and on time
  • Medication Check
  • Virtual medicine cabinet

With the many helpful functions of the TOM App TOM increases the adherence of its users.

Click here for a digital version of the magazine issue:

Customer-oriented thinking and an agile work culture at TOM Medications

In July a year ago, the TOM app was successfully released – after more than 10 months of conception, testing by patients and optimizations. Feedback from our users and their satisfaction are important components in the development and updates of the TOM app. That’s why we publish an update every two weeks with improvements contributed by users of our medical app.

As an innovative startup, we also focus on innovative and agile ways of working. « There are no work hours or vacation policies. There are only tasks that need to be done. Nothing more and it works perfectly » says founder Sven Beichler.

TOM Medications also offers a clear advantage over other medication reminder and adherence apps: the app is not only accessible to a broad audience but also manages to bring together and easily manage even complex therapies.

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