Medication replenishment: fast, simple, digital

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Making an appointment, going to the doctor, picking up the medication at the pharmacy – all this takes time. Thanks to the TOM app this can now be done quickly and easily from home.

The most promising drug does nothing if the patient does not take it. This makes it all the more important to get supplies in good time when the medication stock is gradually running out. The problem: Calling the doctor, making an appointment, picking up the prescription and then going to the pharmacy takes time. Due to COVID-19, it may become even more cumbersome or even impossible. This is a frustrating process, especially for patients who rely on medications long-term.

The new medicine pack with just a few clicks

The inventors of the TOM app recognized exactly this problem, searched for a solution and found it. In the future, users of the medication management app will not only be able to conveniently and easily store their medications and dosage instructions in the app, but also order supplies directly via their cell phone.

To help its users go through therapies without interruption, the company has partnered with digital health provider Medgate, operator of the largest physician-owned telemedicine center in Europe. Now, TOM app users can get one-click advice from a doctor at Medgate and, if necessary, a prescription. If the user wishes, the prescription is then forwarded by Medgate directly to TopPharm Apotheke Witikon.

Next day delivery free of postage

The medicines are then delivered to your home free of postage. In addition, for orders received by TopPharm before 10 a.m., delivery is made the next business day. Billing then takes place directly via the health insurance company – without the patient having to worry about anything. The entire process can thus be completed conveniently, efficiently and COVID-19 friendly from the cell phone.

Are you taking the right medication?

Everyone has them: a medicine cabinet. Countless medications, ointments and drops accumulate in it over the years. At the moment when your head is pounding, your muscles are aching or your stomach is grumbling, you try to figure out which of your hoarded remedies might actually provide relief. But it is not quite that simple. Several questions arise:

  • Is this the right medicine for my condition?
  • Could it interact with other medications taken?
  • Is there a duplication of medication?
  • How should the medicine be taken?
  • Are there any allergies to consider?
  • Has the medicine already expired?

To find answers to these important questions quickly and easily, the TOM app inventors have launched the «Medi-Check». In collaboration with TopPharm Apotheke Witikon Zürich, TOM app users can thus have desired medications checked easily and anonymously via their cell phone screen. Here’s how it works:

  1. Select up to six medications that you would like a pharmacist to check.
  2. Provide details of any existing medication, food or other allergies.
  3. A short time later, you will find the recommendation of the TopPharm experts directly in your TOM app. If you would also like to discuss the Medi-Check with your doctor, you can easily forward the results to him or her via the app.

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