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Three mobile phone screens on top of each other showing different contents of the TOM Medications App: Reminder to take medication, medication cabinet and polymedication check, which draws attention to problems with the combination of medication.

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TOM makes your day easier

The practical features of this app reliably support your everyday medication management.

In this one-minute video, we show you how TOM can make life easier for you:

TOM’s features at a glance

  • Home

    TOM reminds you about your medications every day.

    See at a glance if you are taking your medication correctly and on time. Discover affiliate programs that help you stay healthy or bring benefits, such as earning extra money with anonymous surveys.

  • Today

    Stay true to your routine!

    It is important for your health not to let your therapy slip. TOM keeps you up to date on what tasks you have to do every day, e.g. whether you need to take measurements or still need to take medication.

  • Cabinet

    Keep the overview!

    With TOM, you no longer have to wonder if you have enough medications in stock. You have full control in your digital pharmacy cabinet. Here you can also pause or edit your therapies. TOM helps you keep things in order.

  • Measurements

    More control over key health parameters

    Here you can clearly see the history of the measurements you take regularly. This allows you to better assess how much your blood glucose level fluctuates over time, for example.

  • Training

    Clearly organised history of training sessions

    Hier hast du die Möglichkeit, dir gesundheitsrelevante Aktivitäten übersichtlich darstellen zu lassen. So kannst du auf einen Blick erkennen, wie oft du diese Woche z.B. schon Sport gemacht hast oder ob und wie lange du zur Ergotherapie gegangen bist

  • Export

    Comprehensive health reports

    With this function you can export your monthly medication receipts, measurements and statistics clearly and at the same time in detail into a PDF document and print it yourself or send it by mail e.g. to your doctor's office.

What our users have to say

Christof Zogg
Christof Zogg
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I’ve tested out several medication management apps and found TOM to be the best: it’s quick and easy to set up with daily reminders – plus it’s free and doesn’t require you to create an account.
Chris G.
Chris G.
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The app is really great. You can enter all medications with pictures. Create each medication at its time. The app then reports at this time and shows which medication must be taken. Absolutely great work from you.
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Taking medication every day is no fun. Last-minute trips to the pharmacy for thyroid medication, because once again you haven't thought of supplies, are no fun either 🙃. TOM reminds me discreetly and reliably. Simple, fast, top user experience. And a cool team with a lot of knowledge, innovative spirit and human touch in support. Keep it up!


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With TOM, you have more time for the good things in life.

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