Allergies: Managing medications cleverly

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Allergy sufferers know it all too well: If the immune system comes into contact with an allergen, the body reacts allergically. Sometimes the allergy can only be controlled with medication. For these to work, they must be taken regularly. This is where the TOM app comes in: with daily reminders on the smartphone, it is an active help against forgetting.

More than 60 million people in Europe[1] have an allergic reaction to certain allergens. What exactly happens in the body during an allergy? During an allergic reaction, the messenger substance histamine is released, which causes an inflammatory reaction in the body. The result: itchy eyes, sneezing, skin rash, swelling, breathing difficulties or gastrointestinal problems. The symptoms of allergy are varied and create stress in the body. In the long run, this can cause tissue damage, which in turn promotes the migration of the allergy. This means that a perhaps harmless hay fever can turn into allergic asthma if left untreated. Therefore, you should not underestimate allergies.


What allergies are there actually?

If you suspect an allergy, you should consult a doctor or allergist. Based on allergy diagnostics, certain allergies could be determined or excluded. Therefore, before starting any treatment, it is advisable to have your doctor determine which allergens are responsible for your symptoms by means of an allergy test. Some people are allergic to pollen, others to house dust or animal dander. Allergy types can be broadly classified as follows:

  • Inhalant allergens. These include animal hair allergy, pollen allergy or dust mite allergy
  • Contact allergens in the sense of skin allergy
  • Injection and ingestion allergens. These include wasp allergy and food allergy

Allergy treatment: tablets and more

The best thing to do is to avoid the allergen. But unfortunately, this is not always possible. In this case, you should consider medical treatment of allergies by means of anti-allergic drugs (antihistamines) to avoid secondary diseases. Especially for acute allergy symptoms, medications are usually the right choice. The active ingredients contained ensure that the allergic reactions are weakened or prevented. Allergy medications are divided into two types:

  • Locally acting medications such as nasal sprays or eye sprays
  • Systemically acting drugs such as allergy tablets

Managing allergies: with the clever TOM app

With the TOM app, you can easily and simply manage the intake of your allergy medications. Especially when the time of intake or even the form of medication changes, you always keep track thanks to the reminder function of the TOM app. Are your allergy tablets or allergy nasal spray coming to an end? Here, too, the TOM app offers a remedy: Simply set your medication stock at the beginning. The health app reminds you at a certain time to repurchase the medication. Download the TOM APP now and manage your allergy smartly!

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Safely through the winter with the TOM app.

TOM helps you take your medications regularly and take care of your health.

Frau mit Smartphone, auf dem die Medikamenten App TOM geöffnet ist

Healthy through the fall with the TOM app.

TOM helps you take your medications regularly and take care of your health.

Frau mit Mütze und Herbstblättern schaut glücklich auf ihr Handy.

The TOM app gets you through allergy season in the best possible way.

TOM helps you take your medications regularly and take care of your health.

Frau nutzt die Tom App um ihre Allergie-Medikation zu überprüfen

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