More than a medication reminder app

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With the help of the TOM app, no medication will be forgotten in the future. However, the little helper from the Zurich-based start-up Innovation 6 offers numerous other functions.

Two pills before breakfast, one after lunch and two more before bedtime: If you have to take different medications at different times of the day in alternating doses, you can quickly lose track. The result: hundreds of thousands of patients do not adhere to their physicians’ treatment guidelines. This can have far-reaching health consequences and even lead to irreversible secondary diseases.

Five steps to medication reminders

This is exactly where the TOM app from the Zurich-based start-up Innovation 6 comes in. It now sends over 1.5 million reminders to its 50,000 users across Europe so they don’t forget to take their medication on time. Entering a new medication is child’s play and done within seconds:

  1. Click on the virtual medicine cabinet and select medicines from the database of over 120,000 official medicines.
  2. Activate reminder function for the desired time of intake.
  3. Determine how long the medication must be taken.
  4. Add the current drug inventory.
  5. Determine whether the medication must be taken before, with, or after food. Done.

One app, numerous functions

However, the Swiss Army Knife for digital medication management is no more than a reminder function. digital medication management is not limited to that. Instead, the TOM app is a state-of-the-art digital medicine cabinet that also offers the following features:

  • Inventory levels are reviewed on a regular basis.
  • Early reminder when replenishment is needed.
  • Request medication supplies with just a few clicks via app.
  • Investigate your drugs anonymously with a Medi-Checkby the TopPharm pharmacy and thus receive, among other things, information on side effects, duplicate medication and instructions for use. (Medication replenishment: fast, simple, digital)
  • Arrange medications by category.
  • Store expiration dates of the medications.

Secure and anonymous according to the highest Swiss and EU standards

Unlike many other medication management apps, the TOM app does not require registration or any personal information. Instead, users’ therapy data is associated with a randomly generated twelve-digit recovery code. This code is stored separately from the health data and additionally encrypted. Only the user himself can see this code and store it securely for possible data recovery. All data is also transmitted in encrypted form and stored in an ISO-certified data center in Germany.

Download the TOM APP now and never forget a medicine again!

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Scan the QR code and download the TOM app

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