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Therapy adherence through digital medication management

For many chronically ill people, the daily and steady intake of medication is vital. However, it can often be difficult to keep track of many different medications and constantly changing dosages. In addition, according to a study by the health insurance association Santésuissen, only about 60 percent of Swiss people with chronic diseases adhere to the treatment prescribed by their doctor. Adherence to therapy is essential and can have far-reaching health consequences for the patient if not followed. This is where TOM Medications comes into play.

More than just a medication reminder with the TOM app

The TOM app provides users with easy and intuitive access to digital medication management. With daily medication reminders, the app helps users achieve adherence to therapy of 74 percent – this means that of around 700,000 planned medications, around 520,000 were actually taken.

The application area of the app, however, goes far beyond the medication reminder. Important information such as the expiration date of the medication can be stored in the digital medicine cabinet. In addition, all medications can be categorized, giving the user a better overview of all medications to be taken.

Helpful features of the TOM app

Another helpful feature is the app’s regular check of the medication’s stock level. Should replenishment be necessary, the user will be informed in good time. The Zurich-based startup didn’t stop there, however, and offers a helpful feature for this as well. With just a few clicks, users can easily use the app to medication supplies via the app and save the medications and dosages for future orders.

In collaboration with TopPharm Apotheke Witikon Zurich, the TOM app offers users a Medi Check easy, convenient and from home. Within 2 days, users receive an overview of indications, interactions, double medication, instructions for taking the medication and information on allergies of the medication to be taken.

In the following video you can see all functions briefly and concisely at a glance:

Today, the TOM app can boast impressive figures:

  • 5 languages (DE, FR, IT, EN, ES)
  • 3000 recorded allergies
  • 70,000 patients
  • 100,000 drugs recorded in the digital cabinet
  • 1,700,000 Drug intakes

Together with you, we want to create more awareness and treatment adherence for medication use in chronic diseases. Help us to reach our goal and win the Swiss Startup Award 2021 as an ICT Startup!

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TOM le ayuda a tomar su medicación con regularidad y a cuidar su salud.

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